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No Condemnation, Romans 7 & 8 Overview, 01/07/2018

Sermon Notes:


1 Freedom from the Law

The old law no longer binds (Romans 7:1-4)

This freedom from the old law is good (Romans 7:5-6).

This freedom from the old law is necessary(Romans 7:7-13).

Note: The Ultimate Sacrifice. The underlying strength of Christ’s law is his sacrifice on the cross.

 2 Freedom from Sin

Free from condemnation (Romans 8:1-4).

Free from the flesh – sinful nature (Romans 8:5-13).

3 Freedom from Fear

In Christ we have no fear of the following… (Romans 8:14-39).

  • No fear of bondagefor God treats his adopted as co-heirs of Christ (v.14-17)
  • No fear of sufferingfor we have the incomparable hope of glory (v.17-18).
  • No fear of corruptionfor we will be redeemed from physical death (v.19-25).
  • No fear of speaking to Godbecause the Holy Spirit helps us (v.26-27)
  • No fear of the futurebecause our calling and destiny is certain, if we keep walking in the Spirit (v.28-30)
  • No fear of condemnationbecause God has justified us, no one can charge us (v.31-34).
  • No fear of any foebecause the love of God protects us in Christ Jesus (v.35-39).

Memory Verse: Romans 8:1                          01/07/2018